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May 29, 2017

In the Studio with Earnest Studio

Rachel Griffin, who heads up Rotterdam's Earnest Studio, took us behind the scenes of her design process at the metal shop for A Brush With Design, our collaboration with Harry's. Her sophisticated brush was made with machined aluminum and a pale, artificial hair brush. 

Had you ever considered the shaving brush as a significant design object before?

I do find shaving brushes significant, as historical and somewhat rarefied objects.
I had no plans to design one until now! That said, the more you learn about a topic, the richer it gets. Given the chance, I would be happy to work some of our other ideas into a larger series.

How did you arrive at this form and material?

In searching for an elegant way to address the issue of storage, I liked the simplicity and the reference of resting the brush horizontally, like a cigar in an ash tray.

The form, manufacturing process, and material – intersecting cylinders and spheres, produced from machined and sandblasted aluminium – were chosen to create a surreal, optical effect and a tension between two and three dimensions.

How does this brush relate to other projects in your studio now?

The brush and bowl relate both formally and functionally to my other work; I tend to favour pure shapes and simple mechanical gestures like balance, and enjoy playing with dimensionality, as mentioned above.

Photos courtesy of Earnest Studio.

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