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September 14, 2017

Franks: Gerardo Gonzalez & George Greaves

To give our audience a flavor in advance of Franks, our collaborative event with The Standard last night, we invited three fan-favorite illustrators to each create an original piece inspired by the style and essence of one of our three participating chefs' signature hotdog creations. 🌭 In the header image, George Greaves looks to Gerardo Gonzalez' (AKA @_chica_chico_) special hotdog served on our Frank Tray in red. We're extra excited since the red is a new color release for us as of last month.

At the event, Gerardo was happy to try the Filipino spaghetti-inspired hotdog by his fellow chef, Angela Dimayuga, served on our yellow Frank Tray (above). We also briefly caught up with Gerardo himself before the event took off. To learn more about Gerardo's process, read on!

Good Thing: You are preparing a Roasted Poblano with Curried Masa Hotdog. Is that something you've been wanting to try for a while or did the event inspire you to try something new?

Gerardo Gonzalez: It's a flavor profile I’ve been playing around with for a while. The yellow mole sauce ends up tasting like a vegan cheese sauce. The poblano and ahi amarillo add a lil kick.

GT: You designed your dish and The Standard's team of chefs put it together for the event. How was it working with that team and taste-testing your idea made by another cook's hands? Is that a process you typically work with at Lalito?

GG: The crew is great! They couldn’t have executed it any better.

GT: When you approach the tableware and barware in which you serve food and drinks at Lalito, how much is plating and its visual impact a consideration in your work? How did serving your dog on our Frank Tray impact your thoughts on your creation for this evening's event and how do you think the guests will receive the pairing?

GG: Visual impact is very important. I usually use food with bright colors, I think, visually, its a cue for the eyes to see what the food will taste like: vibrant and bright. The Frank Tray is such a beautiful vessel and compliments the food and this idea perfectly!

Gerardo and hotdog images by Helga Traxler.

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