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Seed Hook

Seed Hook

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The Seed series was born from its mounting mechanism – a simple wall plate that can easily and cleanly fasten an object to the wall. The Seed Hook is a sturdy and attractive solution for hanging coats, towels and clothes. Sold in sets of three.

Be sure to see our Seed Series & Baggu holiday gift bundle, available now through December 31 only as a part of Good Thing & Friends.
DIMENSIONS Length 1.75", Width 2”, Height 3.5"

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Kenyon Yeh

Kenyon Yeh

Kenyon Yeh is a Taiwanese product and furniture designer. Yeh’s work simplifies the contour of mundane objects by engaging in the wide variety of modern techniques available in Taiwan’s rich manufacturing landscape. In 2012, Yeh founded Esaila, a Taiwanese publishing house for international contemporary design. View more of Kenyon's work at