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Speckled Cup

Speckled Cup

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The Speckled Series interprets a traditional glass-working technique in a contemporary way. Colored bits of borosilicate glass are fused to the base of a clear vessel, creating a distinctive pattern. Each piece is made by hand and one-of-a-kind.

DESIGNER Silo Studio
MATERIAL Borosilicate Glass
DIMENSIONS Diameter 2.75", Height 5"

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Silo Studio

Silo Studio

Silo Studio is the design collaboration of Attua Aparicio Torinos and Oscar Lessing, who formed the partnership in 2009. By adopting a hands-on approach, which they refer to as ‘Handmade hi-tech’, they aim to discover possibilities that the production line does not see, developing the expressive potential in industrial materials. A mix of craft and technology.

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 Photograph by Kat Green